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The quest for the perfect flame

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Science goes to the Summer Games
The video explores the technology behind the Olympic torches in the history.

How do you create the perfect flame
This video from the Ontario Science Centre, explains the evolving technology that keeps the flame burning from its lighting to the closing ceremonies.
Starting with the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, the flame revives a symbol from antiquity, commemorating Prometheus’s audacity and reminding warring city states to put aside hostilities for as long as it burned. In the most recent Olympics, the flame, in its stylized torch in the opening ceremonies, makes a pilgrimage to the host city via relay, a practice that began with the 1936 games in Berlin. This year’s relay started on May 19 in Land’s End in Cornwall and ends this Friday, the 27 at the opening ceremony in London. The torch covered a total of 8,000 miles, moving without once having to be relit.

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