Discover a wealth of NASA information on your phone

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09/01/2012 Apple and 07/02/2012 Android
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
The first official NASA App invites you to discover a wealth of NASA information right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The NASA App collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated mission information, images and videos and Twitter feeds from various online NASA sources in a mobile package.
WiFi, 3G or Edge network connection required.

NASA app for iPhone 


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NASA app HD for iPad


Nasa app iPad

Frequently Asked Questions

Another (new) app from NASA to be considered is the Meteor Counter.


NASA is looking to skywatchers for help studying incoming objects. While giving users information about meteor showers, the app can send info back to NASA about the brightness and location of shooting stars (only for Apple users). 

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