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Open data for open science

The costs would be high but not prohibitive: roughly 60 million pounds each year. But in return the Britannic Majesty's scientists have an on line peer review communication system that has totally open access: on line, open to all and free. There are enormous advantages to this. In logistic terms, since there would no longer be the need to find physical spaces. In economic terms, because at the moment English universities are spending 2,7% of their budget subscribing to magazines and setting up their libraries (both paper and on line).

Around the world in Darwin's footsteps with the app Libroid

Jürgen Neffe spent 7 months circumnavigating the globe, in order to relive the most famous journey in scientific history: Charles Darwin's travels aboard HMS Beagle. Traveling by boat, camper van, plane, on horseback, and foot, the trained biologist sought out the places where Darwin had gathered the vital information that would lead to his revolutionary theory of evolution - and where his scientific heirs still study life forms today.