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2003 Group for scientific research association

2003 Group_logoThe 2003 Group was formed in the summer of 2003 by bringing together Italian scientists working in Italy who are listed among the world's most cited scientists in scientific literature. On 10 May 2005 these scientists formed a non profit association pursuing social goals called 2003 Group for Scientific Research.The association has its registered office in Milan - Via Cosimo del Fante 8 and is governed by a Board of Directors currently consisting of the following members:

  • Giuliano Buzzetti (Dephaforum, MI) - Secretary and Treasurer
  • Mario Clerici (Medicine, MI)
  • Filippo Frontera (Physics, FE)
  • Silvio Garattini (Immunology, MI)
  • Isabella M. Gioia, (Astrophysics, BO)
  • Tommaso Maccacaro (Astrophysics, MI) - Chairman
  • Pier Mannuccio Mannucci (Internal Medicine, MI)
  • Alberto Mantovani (Immunology, MI) - Vice Chairman
  • Roberto Satolli (Zadig, MI)

In addition to the Founding members, the association consists of Ordinary members, Honorary members and Supporting members.
According to the statute an Annual General Meeting of members is held every year.


Group 2003 Administrative Services
Via Cosimo del Fante, 8
20122 Milano
Tel. 02/58 30 13 56
Fax 02/ 58 31 79 10


Editor-in-chief: Roberto Satolli
Pietro Greco
Chief scientific editor:
Tommaso Maccacaro, Alberto Mantovani
Editorial Board:
Franco Brezzi, Giuliano Buzzetti, Ernesto Carafoli, Mario Clerici, Giovanni Dosi, Filippo Frontera, Silvio Garattini, Isabella Gioia, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Luigi Nicolais, Giorgio Parisi, Giuseppe Remuzzi, Guido Tabellini

Web editing: Luca Carra (correspondent), Sergio Cima, Emanuela Clavarino, Laura Fedrizzi, Paolo Griselli, Roberta Villa
[email protected]

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