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Scienceonthenet is the portal dedicated to Italian research in Europe and in the world. The website is congenial to researchers, politics, journalists, teachers and all those curious about science and technology. On Scienceonthenet it is possible to find news and information about the many Italian research center and their international collaborations, together with articles, video, infographics, features, comments and debates about research policies in Italy and abroad. Scienceonthenet also provides information about European announcements and funds available, an updated database of research-related jobs, press reviews, documents and much more.

Scienceonthenet is a project supported by a grant from the Italian Minister for University and Research (MIUR), in a partnership with the National Council of Research (CNR) and the Gruppo 2003.


Zadig srl - Milano, Roma

Editor in chief: Luca Carra
Deputy Editor in chief: Pietro Greco
Editorial staff: Sergio Cima (Web Editor-in-chief), Michele Bellone (Editorial Coordination), Marco Milano (News), Francesco Aiello (News), Emanuela Clavarino (Multimedia), Giuseppe Nucera (Video), Simona Calmi (translations).


E-mail: [email protected]

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