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Climate Mobile
GeoOptics LLC
The app provide up-to-date information on the global climate, including temperatures, ice cover, atmospheric CO2, solar activity, weather reports and NOAA and NASA temperature records from the the past 130 years.

GeoOptics has launched the Climate Mobile 1.2 iPhone and iPad app for free to environmental enthusiasts and citizen scientists alike.

Climate Mobile provides up-to-date information on the global climate like temperatures, ice cover, atmospheric CO2, solar activity and weather reports. The app gives you access to data from international satellites and surface instruments, along with global temperature records from NASA and NOAA going back more than 130 years.

With Climate Mobile you can graph data, create charts, and compare variables with Climate Mobile’s built in tools. If you make a research breakthrough, you can email it to yourself. The app also offers educational tutorials, as well as tutorials to aid your data analysis.

Video overview and previews of the app:


Climate Mobile fig 1 Climate Mobile fig 2

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