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Global Problems

Quanti italiani rinunciano davvero alle cure?

Ieri molti giornali e anche alcuni programmi televisivi hanno lanciato l’allarme: “12,2 milioni di italiani hanno dovuto rinunciare a curarsi”. Il dato, tratto dall'indagine CENSIS-RBM salute (una assicurazione sanitaria privata) peggiora la stima dell'anno scorso di 11 milioni. Una domanda sorge spontanea: si tratta di stime corrette?

The European fight against food frauds

“Nutrition is the principle of life”, and to defend it the Conference on Food Fraud has been opened in Rome on 23rd October. Conceived as a platform to discuss how to strengthen the communication and collaboration among all actors involved in the fight against food frauds and fraud-related crime, the conference has gathered together top experts from food law enforcement authorities, police, customers, judicial authorities, industry stakeholders and researchers.

Horizon 2020 and Climate: which Work Program for Europe

Waste. Water. Green Economy. Those are the main focuses of the recent Horizon 2020 Work Programme that has been adopted on December 10th 2013 and definitively updated last July 22nd with the parts that relate to 2015. Within this Work Programme, Europe has set its objectives concerning climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials. The estimated total budget including horizontal activities will be about 348

When communication fails: the case of Indian dengue outbreak

India is facing an aggressive outbreak of dengue fever – probably the worst in the last ten years – and risk communication from authorities proved to be very ineffective: the lack of proper strategies for both prevention and reaction to dengue outbreaks resulted in low levels of public awareness and poor coordination between different institutions.

What is "Scienza+20"?

After 20 years there will be a re-edition of the World Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) in Rio de Janeiro from June 20 to June 22. Sustainability, environment and green economy will be discussed...and above all a new treaty will be discussed (The Future we want) of which a first draft is already circulating (download the document).

Universities and blue sky research

The following is a summary of the speech that Sir Leszek Borysiewicz - Rector of the University of Cambridge - will give on May 10, in Barcelona, at the 10th anniversary conference of LERU, the League of European Research Universities which includes 21 universities, including the University of Milan. "...Separating “applied” from “not-yet-applied” research would certainly not be wise, and may not even be possible.

In Cancun modesty is prized

After being mistreated and ignored, the 16th Conference of Parties to the UN convention on Climate Change recently concluded in Cancun, seems to have been a success well above expectations. The credit goes especially to the organizers, and in particular to the diplomatic skills of the Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, who has created consensus among many countries, with the exception of Bolivia.