Rino Rappuoli

Direttore della ricerca della Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics e fra le massime autorità mondiali sui vaccini. Membro della National Academy of Sciences statunitense e di altre prestigiose società scientifiche, nel 2009 ha ricevuto la Medaglia d'oro Sabin, il massimo riconoscimento nel campo della vaccinologia, attribuito per la prima volta a uno scienziato europeo.

Investing in knowledge to give our Country a future

On April 29 2013, Barack Obama left his busy political agenda to go to speak to the members of the National Academy of Science (NAS) at their annual meeting. He went there after being reelected to remind them that the President of the United Sates is well aware that science and technology are extremely important for America and he wanted to personally pass on this message, highlighting that in a moment of serious economic difficulty the country cannot cut research investment funds, because it is innovation which gives energy (powers) to t