Francesco Saverio Pavone

Francesco Saverio Pavone is directing a research group working in the field of biophotonics on single molecule biophysics, microscopy imaging-spectroscopy techniques, biomedical imaging, laser manipulation of bio-samples.

In particular, he is developing new microscopy techniques for high resolution and high sensitivity imaging, and for laser manipulation purposes. These techniques have been applied both for single molecule biophysics, single cell imaging and optical manipulation. Tissue imaging is another research area developed, where non linear optical techniques have been applied for skin and neural tissue imaging also in Vivo.

Pavone is authors of many internationals papers and editor of international books. He has more than 50 invited talk and he is editors of international journals. He coordinates several European projects and he has organized international congresses; he is also director of the international PhD program at LENS

Human Brain Project: a great european challenge

The brain is probably the most complex structure in the known universe, complex enough to coordinate movements, gather and organize lots of sensorial data, perform abstract reasoning and develop new ideas. Understanding the mechanisms underlying brain function is therefore one of the biggest challenges of contemporary science. A deeper comprehension of the brain is not only a central issue for pure science but would have an enormous impact for the whole society.