AGERInnovapero: science in the service of agricolture

Few days ago the results of the project “AGER Innovapero: process and product innovations for quality pear-farming” has been presented at the Congress Centre in Ferrara, a triennial research and experimentation activity that since 2011 has been looking for new solutions in support of Italian pear-farming. The principal goal of the project has been the development of innovative techniques for the farming, producing and preserving that allowed holding down costs and respecting environmental sustainability.

The two opposite pathways in the evolution of flowers

The definition of what a flower is remains an important question in botany. One generally makes a distinction between flowers and inflorescences, although this distinction is not always clear, as in the case of pseudanthia. Pseudanthia are compact inflorescences of small or reduced flowers that mimic a real flower. The structure of a flower is made up from a variable number of building blocks, generally with sepals (a calyx), petals (corolla), stamens (androecium), and carpels (gynoecium).