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Rosetta and the Italian politics for scientific research

Despite the not-always adequate coverage provided by the Italian media, the European Rosetta Mission, which carried out in the last days the first landing on a comet in history, kept the whole world holding its breath and has been an extraordinary scientific, technological and organizational success. When initially proposed by ESA – the European Space Agency – the aim of the mission was practically science fiction. But thanks to the cooperation of thousands of scientists from tens of research

A galactic adventure projected by italians scientists

The Italian Space Agency realized Next Step Mars. Next Step Mars is a space game, a galactic adventure where the goal is the colonization of Mars.

Unfortunately Next Step Mars is now only in italian, but the english and spanish versions are almost ready to be downloaded.
But let's try it anyway!

For customer support: [email protected]

Video tutorial and previews of the app:


Astronomical Ichnology

Ichnology is the branch of paleontology that deals with the study of footprints left by animal organisms. Ichnology thus studies the width, length and shapes of footprints, stride (the distance between each one), the depth, possible asymmetries and more, in order to establish the size of the the animals, their characteristic forms and habits.     The positioning of the footprints as well contains important information regarding the movement and pace. Just think of a horse's footprints and the difference between a trot and a gallop.