An exemplary punishment

Last July 2014 the Forest Guards of the Friuli Venezia Region destroyed two GMO corn fields both owned by Giorgio Fidenato. In these two cases, however, two different laws were implemented: a regional one in the first case and a national one in the second one. The simple fact that the laws coming into force are always new and always different is self-explanatory. For those against GMOs this proves the dynamism, the initiative and the capability of the various executives in adapting to challenges - also legal ones - that are always new and more and more complex.

My reasons in favour of the Golden Rice

Dietary micronutrient deficiencies, such as the lack of vitamin A, iodine, iron or zinc, are a major source of morbidity (increased susceptibility to disease) and mortality worldwide. These deficiencies affect particularly children, impairing their immune system and normal development, causing disease and ultimately death. The best way to avoid micronutrient deficiencies is by way of a varied diet, rich in vegetables, fruits and animal products.

The sweltering summer of GMOs

In a few days the European Court of Justice shall issue its ruling on lawsuit no. C--36/11, Pioneer Hi-Bred Italia Srl vs. MIPAF (Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), which deals with the compatibility between EU and Italian legislation on the authorization to cultivate the GMO varieties included in European Common Catalogue.